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Jack Nasher’s books have reached multiple bestselling status and appeared all over the world.

— Convinced! How to show competence and convince others —


Wie Sie Kompetenz zeigen und Menschen für sich gewinnen
(campus, 2017)

Competence is the decisive factor when it comes to convincing people of themselves. However, we are miserable at assessing the competence of others. In “Convinced” you will learn how to carry your skills outwards and win the respect of others. Verbal and non-verbal communication are only half the battle: The winner is anyone who uses psychological effects and phenomena to improve their standing!
You can keep your soul.


“You can be the biggest loser – but you can still be successful with the right self-marketing tools. If you are honest you know at least one person who must have read Nasher’s book.”

Hamburger Abendblatt

“Top 10 of 2017 for job & career”!


“Everyone wants to appear competent. How sad that real competence is useless. Jack Nasher shows how anybody can work on their self representation – and why appearances is more important than substance.”


“At the workplace, imposters regularly reach their goals quicker. Their secret: they radiate competence, exploit the art of flattery and mention their accomplishments […] In his new book, Jack Nasher deals with the criteria of competence and explains how you are perceived as an expert, even though you may not always be one.”


“Rating: ‘IMPRESSIVE’!”


“Every moment counts: Whoever wants to inspire confidence in a new customer must radiate competence from the very beginning.”


“A motivational boost full of clever tricks. Read it, please!”


“In his entertainingly written and easy-to-read book, Jack Nasher tells us psychologically soundly how to put yourself in the right light and become more successful. You can start right away. Of course, his remarks will also help to quickly see through other people’s efforts.”


“Radiating competence is the most important success factor for companies and individuals.”

Hamburger Abendblatt

“Similar to the US bestselling authors Daniel Goleman and Malcolm Gladwell, Nasher is a master in making scientific knowledge entertaining and practical for everyday use. This book is easy to read and full of anecdotes, case studies and research findings.”

Der Bank Blog

“The book is entertainingly written, easy to read, and psychologically sound. The author shows simple tricks how to put oneself in the right light and how you can better understand others in their attempts.”

Roter Reiter

“Jack Nasher’s new book is totally convincing. It offers many new and helpful insights and gives a lot of tips on how to present yourself better in the professional and business environment. Well written and easy to read.”
— Unmasked: How to get to the whole truth in every conversation —


Wie Sie in jedem Gespräch an die ganze Wahrheit kommen
(campus, 2015)

Where was your partner last night? Has your neighbor scratched your car? How much can the boss really pay you? “Lügenpapst” Jack Nasher shows in his book the most effective interrogation techniques of psychological research and international intelligence services that you can immediately implement in your everyday life! They teach the most important characteristics, examine lies and, in addition, examine the techniques of professionals so that you can get to the whole truth!

An effective mixture of espionage and psychology – exciting as “CSI”, “Lie to me”, or “The Mentalist”. With this guide, you will become a human lie detector that will see the whole truth!

Planet Wissen

“Der Wirtschaftspsychologe und Jurist Jack Nasher gibt Tipps für erfolgreiches Verhandeln und verrät, wie sich Lügen und Tricks entlarven lassen.”


„So entlarven Chefs Lügner…Wirtschaftspsychologe Jack Nasher gibt Tipps zum Enttarnen von Lügnern. Sein Buch kombiniert detektivische Verhörtechniken und psychologische Erkenntnisse.”


“Spannend und unterhaltsam!”


„Nie wieder täuschen lassen…Nasher bedient sich im Buch anschaulicher Beispiele spektakulärer Verhöre und leitet daraus praktische Anwendungs-Tipps für das alltägliche Detektiv-Spielen ab.”


„Wie Sie Schwindler enttarnen…Wenn es peinlich wird, greifen viele zu Ausreden und Halbwahrheiten. Die man aber mit ein paar Tricks durchschauen kann, wie der Wirtschaftspsychologe Jack Nasher erklärt.”


„Mit diesen ‚Verhörtipps’ für den Alltag werden Sie ganz schnell zum menschlichen Lügendetektor.“


„Eine flott geschriebene, unterhaltsame Einführung in ein spannendes Thema mit effektvollen Beispielen aus der Verhörpraxis.Jack Nasher schreibt in einer klaren und schnörkellosen Sprache frei von Fachchinesisch und Überlegenheitsfloskeln. Wissenschaftliche Zusammenhänge erläutert er verständlich, seine Thesen belegt er mit eindrücklichen Praxisbeispielen. So gelingt es ihm durchgängig, den Leser zu fesseln und zu unterhalten, ohne dass die Sachinformation unseriös wirkt oder Schaden nimmt.“


„Im Gespräch die Wahrheit herausfinden…spannend geschrieben und vermittelt einige Tricks, um Ausreden und Flunkereien zu durchschauen.“


„In seinem großartigen Buch ‚Entlarvt!’ erklärt der Wirtschaftspsychologe Jack Nasher, wie man die effektivsten Verhörtechniken der Profis und Geheimdienste einsetzen kann, um an die ganze Wahrheit zu kommen.“
— Deal! Getting what you want —

Deal! Du gibst mir, was ich will !

(campus, 2013 / Goldman, 2015)

The Consistency-Effect, the Liking-Bias, the Endowment-Effect: the most effective psychological techniques for any negotiation. Possibly the most effective negotiation system ever devised – applied by world leaders such as Daimler and H&M.

Harvard Business Manager

“Research findings on negotiation… entertainingly presented.”


“Practical negotiation methods and psychological techniques provide the tools for the best deals.”


“The multitude of anecdotes and practical examples ensure that this guide to good deals can be read easily.”

Hamburger Abendblatt

“Book of the week! An entertaining guide that explains the basic rules of negotiation… Nasher masters the art of easy writing… easily read, spiced with many anecdotes and countless practical examples.”

Oberösterreichische Nachrichten

“Nasher’s book is well-researched, but also amusing to read and full of fine anecdotes from the practice of a good negotiator.”


“A good deal! … Valuable wisdom on the subject of negotiation is revealed by business psychologist and legal scholar Jack Nasher in his clever, entertaining book.”
— Got you! The Secret of Detecting Small and Big Lies —


Das Geheimnis, kleine und große Lügen zu entlarven
(Random House, 2010 / 2012)

Published by Random House, it became a bestselling book in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic, Korea and Taiwan. Based on the latest psychological findings and many examples from the fascinating world of intelligence, Jack Nasher explains how to use our perception to catch the little signs of deception. The book is the perfect lie detector!


“The book is the perfect lie detector. Using the latest findings from psychological research and many examples, Nasher reveals how we can train our perception to recognize the small, treacherous signs of lies.”

Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung

“Jack Nasher: Trefferquote 100 Prozent.”

Abendzeitung München

“Everybody lies to everyone. Jack Nasher explains in his new book how to expose this deception.”

Nürnberger Nachrichten

“Humans show clear signs when not telling the truth. In his latest book, Nasher wrote down these signs.”


“Jack Nasher has agreed to make us all little mentalists and unveiled the little tricks that will enable us to recognize all of the girlfriend’s little lies in the future.”


“Nasher has ‘detected’ how lies can be detected.”
— The art of showing expertise —

Die Kunst, Kompetenz zu zeigen

Published in 2004 by mvg and laid the foundation for Jack Nasher’s research on how to demonstrate expertise.

Dr. Jan Hartman, McKinsey & Company

“well-founded and carefully compiled from the expert literature… This book provides answers and helps you to use your skills optimally and to present them competently.”

Alexander Fuerstenberg

“Facts, facts, facts, facts. A perfect guide: based on science, clearly written, and easily put into practice. Why can’t every book be like this?”

— The Morality of Happiness: An Introduction to Utilitarianism —

Die Moral des Glücks – Eine Einführung in den Utilitarismus

(Duncker & Humblot, 2009)

A book on an ethic. It is an ethic rooted in psychology, in the human pursuit of happiness. This introduction gives an overview of the relevant thoughts and critiques of utilitarianism – from Bentham to today.

Ethik & Unterricht

“Jack Nasher has succeeded in creating a well-informed and clearly structured introduction to utilitarian ethics.”

Aufklärung und Kritik

“… stimulating, instructive and entertaining, which cannot be written about every introductory work in philosophy. The book stands out through its compellingly stringent logic and clear language.”

Theologie und Philosophie

“… written in a refreshing and compelling style. In enthralling text modules an impressive number of vivid thought experiments and moral philosophical statements on utilitarianism are collected. In his introductory work, the author has succeeded in presenting Utilitarianism in a practical and interesting way for a broad readership.”

— The Political Theory of Karl Popper: A critical-rational methodology —

Die Staatstheorie Karl Poppers

Eine kritisch-rationale Methode
(Mohr Siebeck, 2017)

As the spiritual father of “Open Society,” Karl Popper became the court philosopher of Western democracy. His Open Society is characterized by a policy of small steps: “piecemeal social engineering”. Popper’s political theory is based on his groundbreaking scientific theory, arguing for a unity of method. Human Rights Watch receives 100 % of the author’s royalties. 

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

“Nasher’s book works like an immunization against totalitarianism. It should be translated into Hungarian, Russian, Polish and American.”

Süddeutsche Zeitung

“What exactly is an’ open society’? This term, coined by Karl R. Popper (1902-1994), is currently being referred to again when dealing with populist movements and authoritarian regimes. Since Popper himself never elaborated his concept directly, but only in polemical discourse with thinkers like Plato, Hegel and Marx, the concise and lucid presentation of Popper’s political theory by Jack Nasher is very welcome.”

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